Internship Opportunities

Want to empower women, families and communities in East Africa?

Inua Entrepreneurship Internship Program (IEIP)

Inua is pleased to offer challenging and rewarding opportunities for professional development to qualified high school, university students and young professionals. Inua Entrepreneurship Internship Program (IEIP) provides the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to empower marginalized individuals, families and communities in East Africa. Students gain the empathy and experience in collaborative entrepreneurship, adaptive leadership, consulting, and social innovation. IEIP prepares diverse, committed, and globally minded individuals for effective leadership in global development, international business and marketing.  

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Brittney Austin

Marketing & Operations Intern
New York, April 2018 - August 2018

A Los Angeles native, Brittney graduated from Hampton University in Hampton, VA where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She combined her collegiate studies with practical application by studying Fashion Design at the Florence University of Arts and working as a Production/Operation Manager for an ethical fashion brand in Ghana. In addition, she has interned with various philanthropic organizations such Yarn Bombing Los Angeles where she introduced a business plan to empower pregnant teenagers through knitting, and the Downtown Women’s Center where she developed a curriculum that taught women sustainable ways to generate income through artisanship. Prior to joining Inua Naturals Brittney was a Sr. Human Resources Assistant at Amazon. In September, she will be joining the Peace Corps Morocco as a Youth Development Specialist.

Sarah Hutchinson​

Communications & Media Intern
New Jersey, April 2018 - August 2018

Sarah Hutchinson is a Communications & Media Intern with Inua Naturals, identifying proper branded content and implementing approved, socially-conscious ideas through social media channels. Having a deep passion for empowering people, Sarah has with worked with NGOs bringing development to the southern rural part of Bangladesh by satisfying government needs through the works of education, agriculture, health and wellness in local villages. Sarah is a graduate of The Master’s University, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies.

Aaraf Adam

Social Media Intern
Virginia, May 2018 - August 2018

Aaraf Adam is responsible for growing the organization's social media following and creating content for online outreach and promotion. Aaraf is a High School senior at Westfield High school and apart of the Young Entrepreneurial Program at Jennifer Nelson Solutions. She was a member of the 2018 class of the Youth Leadership Greater Washington program, where they Connect area youth with local leaders to raise their awareness of regional issues and challenge assumptions about their roles in the world. Aaraf was also selected by WHS to participate in unique leadership training, service-learning and motivation-building experiences called HOBY. Aaraf is very passionate about humanitarian work. Aaraf aspires to study International Business through undergrad.

Sara Altoum​​

Gender & Markets Intern
Sudan, October 2018

Sara Altoum graduated from National Ribat University in sudan with a bachelor degree in language and translation. She is a teacher working in education development issue, at the same time she is pursuing her master's degree on gender development conflict and peace studies at ahfad university for women.

Sara altoum is very passionate about sustainable development, peacebuilding and humanitarian work, she have volunteering at national and international organizations. She aspires to study international relation after finishing her master.

Imani A.

Innovation & Insights Intern
January 2019 - Present

Imani is a scholar of Biology, an Artist, and a brimming Visionary. Having been exposed to a myriad of socio-economic and cultural experiences, she applies a global and compassionate lens to all she commits to. Using her technical and personal wisdom to build economies and community centered around sustainability and redemption, she is manifesting an ethical empire while broadening her education in service to climate change resilience, disenfranchised populations, and creative reform.

It is her goal to incorporate her research acumen, strategic propensity, and aesthetic flare to Inua’s growth. Bringing expertise in natural beauty and sustainable land management, she is most passionate about moderating extremes (tropical ruralism vs. urban oasis, fast consumerism vs. curation, etc) through cultivating mindful capacity.

Yvette Martinez

Design & Innovation Intern
January 2019 - Present

My name is Yvette Martinez, I attend John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I’m currently a senior due to graduate in June 2019. Attending John Jay I discover the passion for the law, African history, and Women Empowerment. I became a fierce advocate of the law and saw the law as a means to not only inform but educate and empower others and especially women to reach their best and full potential. I also view the law as a tool that can be used to enact economic and political changes in Africa. I believe strongly in using not only the law but using economic development and women as the source to help build the African nation. I also believe strongly in using Africa rich natural resource, which for centuries has been used to develop African nations.Even though at this moment I’m looking towards the possibilities of going to law school, I’m not completely shutting myself out of other opportunities that come my way. I’ve as of late been interested in traveling and seeing the world and seeing where do I fit in and what I can  I do contribute to it. Wherever my path leads me, I hope it leads me where I am given the opportunities to have a career that revolves around my passion of the law and order and helping others by empowering them to be their best.